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's work, but i think many on the left were mistakenly caught off guard by obama's escalation of the afghan war. he campaigned on it. that was the central aspect of his foreign-policy platform when he first ran for office, escalating the afghan war while drawing down the iraq war. i think we should not have been in any way surprised, saddened, disappointed when he did exactly that. in one sense, he's broken many promises, but he kept that one promise he made. i also want to mention that when i was talking about the folks who did do very good coverage of the afghanistan war when it was first unfolding, and it is still unfolding -- amy interviewed myself and my co-author, and the radio was there among independent journalists who did the kind of coverage and have continued to do it under obama. >> anybody else who wants to make a final,? comment? i know jeremy's cahill -- he wrote, jeremy schedule pledges to be the same journalists under the obama administration that he was under bill clinton and george bush's presidency. he talks about how he got some of the most vicious hate mail from democr
have been getting audited. that's funny how that wor. i spoke out about obama care, and i guess if i spoke for obama care, i guess i wouldn't have been audited. texas is creating all the jobs and the tax is very low down here. look. this flat tax is right. you've got to take this irs out of the question. what they have done the last few years is absolutely criminal. it's not on some lower level. it is targeted. what they did with karl rove, with all the conservatives in the tea party. this was targeted and a political weapon. you need to do away iith it. >> toby, that's to the point. this is not just about taxes. this was targeting a specific politicalroup, and we've seen it, y know, r the last decade of different types. >> i also found it interesting that the president made the speech at ohio state a couple weeks ago saying how, you know, ere's going to be people who tell you that, you know, tyranny is right around the corner. don't believe those people because they're making it up. they weren't making it up. it's probably deeper. if this was the only thing,'d be very surprised, bre
of the talking points were coming down, you were mitt romney's running mate, trying to unseat president obama. do you believe that the white house purposely misled the american people on benghazi to try to beat you and mitt romney and win the election? >> i don't know the answer to that question, so i'm not even going to speculate, but that's what good oversight does. that is what this investigation is all about, which is why did they continue to perpetuate this story, which they knew was not true, and what was the reason for doing so? so rather make a conclusion before an investigation has been completed, we just need to investigate this for the sake of good government. that's what the legislative branch does, what the separation of powers is all about. accountability of the executive branch by the legislative branch. so i don't want to speculate as to why and what they did until we have all of the information. i think what we know right now is that they were misleading. >> chris: we have less than two minutes left, congressman. when you look at all these scandals -- irs, the subpoena of the ap
. >> this is "the chris matthews show." >> ask not what your country can do for you. >> tear down this wall. >> i can hear you. >> the time for change has come! chris: the taxman cometh. the fact that president obama doesn't know these i.r.s. people does him no good. the u.s. government serves the people and he is the one in charge. when the cincinnati office of the i.r.s. goes rogue, it's his job to show who is boss. why didn't he jump on it. taking charge. this president and his democrat alies need to show they own the i.r.s. story. and finally, told you so. the writers said again and again
are right it doesn't change the fact that from the start the obama administration gave out wrong information to the public about what happened. this is why we care. it comes down to trust. was that a mistake or was it intentional? there are other rooebs why americans care about the government ventilating the truth on benghazi. pursuit of justice for the four victims the truth is in did our government try to help them or not? clearly this is not a protest gone wrong. were there signs warning signs we need to protect those better. on that very night it is calls for help were they ignored. justice for the victims. spotlight security that trusted officials are giving to the super stars of democracy. do they have what they need to stay safe or in this case stay alive? security for our carriers of justice. another part of the story that makes us care. finally government accountability. we want to trust the people we elect. were they wrong? we need to know if they were? did they mess up? was it a cover up? we will stay on the story. let's turn now to another scandal that is brewing in our nation's
matthews show." >> ask not what your country can you.r >> tear down this wall. >> i can hear you! come! time has change for chris: tomorrow it's still barack obama's time but republicans are focusing on hillary clinton in 2016. us, especially women my age, find it hard to think of what it would be like to have a as first lady, but as head of state, chief executive and commander-in-chief. already, hillary's time at secretary of state is getting a legions of menas and women say it's her turn. did we do it right? this show back at how called hillary's last run for president. were we smart? were we? did we see
of cover-up or effort to tamp things down for three days? the fact that this keeps on getting churned out, frankly, has a lot to do with political motivati motivations. >> president obama also admitted that the embassy was not adequately protected before adding the nation's lawmakers should be focused on protecting our ambassadors abroad. >>> let's bring in politico playbooks executive editor jim here. thanks for joining us. which of the three issues do you think is the biggest problem for the obama administration? >> well, there's no doubt that the irs scandal is an authentic scandal. in all likelihood, people are going to lose their jobs over it. the other two we don't know enough about. we don't know what's going on with the justice department looking at the associated press and in its reporting. on terrorists. and then, we don't know what else is going to happen with benghazi. it all depends on is there more there? when other whistle blowers come forward. when other information comes forward through the hears. is there more than we know? right now, the talking points seem to be the mo
state solid. and those folks down there and a part of our country says that the irs, the obama administration, is overreaching. when you give them something that is factual like this irs situation, it does validate their concern. whether you think so or not. >> it plays into their hands. i agree with you as a practical matter, it does. but first of all, they're not half the country. they lost the half election. they're significantly below half the country which is something given the election results, we should keep in mind them like to say they're america and the rest of russ visiting. >> but they are a part of the country. >> they are a part of the country. we need to tease out, separate the glenn becks of the world who have these paranoid fantasies from what the president agrees should be a legitimate and very aggressive investigation to find out what happened. if they targeted only tea party and not super pacs on the left, doing the same thing, that's wrong. >> which we haven't seen. >> and there should be consequences. but to jump to a bunch of conclusions about the irs. e
they needed to find a dangerous leak. >> i would like to try to pin down who authorized the subpoenas for the a.p. >> shepard: now president obama catching some criticism and questions about his leadership. tonight, you will hear from both sides. and, it's like the 90's all over again as o.j. simpson takes the stand to try to talk his way out of his prison sentence. >> did you ever hear any talk about weapons? >> no. >> did you ever see any weapons? >> no. >> shepard: tonight, o.j.'s play for freedom. the bass pro shops go outdoors event and sale starts this weekend. with free seminars and big savings on great camping, boating and hiking gear, like this tournament pro combo for under $40. and a coleman 3 room dome tent for under $100. >> shepard: the attorney general eric holder got a talking to from members of both parties today about the justice department's decision to go after phone records from the associated press. attorney general holder defended the move. but he said again he had nothing to do with it it he says he recused himself from the investigation of a national security
's well-intended. because then trust goes down. and that's the risk -- >> again, falls back to benghazi, as well. president obama, for two weeks, would not say this was an act of terrorism. he said it was a terror act. >> he said that once. >> but not terrorism. >> and then he went around saying at the u.n. that it was a spontaneous demonstration, because because of youtube and secretary of state clinton went to the families of the people who were killed and said we're going to find the man who did that youtube video -- video youtube or whatever you call it. and they promoted that inaccurate narrative for days and days and days. and it was wrong and everyone knew it was wrong and the people on the ground knew it was wrong. and they knew they were well-armed and they knew there was no demonstration. and i think the hearings on that are going to be terribly damaging. >> in terms of that and the irs, and the a.p. situation, the real problem for barack obama seems to me, as the president, is that he promised to be different. he promised to be transparent. none of this looks very transparent
not directly order the irs to pound conservative groups. down the road, the irs and ap stories might become nightmares for president obama, but again, that has not yet been established. >> ari melber, bill o'reilly. almost the voice of reason. >> he said bill o'reilly was the reasonable person at fox like the thin kid at fat camp. we see it here. charles krauthammer as right as you get says republicans are overplaying their hand. they compared every mini wannabe scandal to watergate, slin dra and now the low level operational questions as i discussed with you should be investigated, igs should be involved, but these are not obama level issues. when you immediately say they are, you give away the game, in the same sense that attorney general holder is the first one held in contempt by the house, but it was a year ago when they did it over fast and furious, over e-mails, about responding to congressional requests. they have nothing left to go after holder, they already did the worse they could do. >> listen to what charles krauthammer has to say about this. >> one advice i give to republicans
, they release 100 pages of e-mail to try to put this down. why this happened, it is trademark classic obama. he pushes things away. he's a bit detached me says let's not rush to judgment unless and until they reach a conclusion, this is beginning to hurt them and him personally. and then they act quickly. >> duke that on benghazi they will act any differently than they have so far given they have been swift about the irs scandal at this point? >> you mentioned at the top, that admiral mullen, ambassador pickering want to go back and defend themselves and defend the finding of their investigation which essentially says the administration got some things wrong but there was no cover-up, there was no plot to mislead the american people. that's part of the administration's step. you also saw it was a question on another subject. but you saw the animosity between eric holdered and issa on the government overnight and reform committee. that what is driving this. legitimate questions. four americans died. there are some legitimate questions about what happened in benghazi, why security warnings were i
obama stepped up his efforts today to calm a series of political storms. and word came that a second senior i.r.s. official is stepping down after admissions that conservatives came in for special scrutiny. the president addressed that and other issues at a rain-spattered appearance outside the white house. the occasion was a rose garden meeting with reporters, and the prime minister of turkey was the guest of honor, but most of the questions had to do with domestic matters. first and foremost, the i.r.s.'s targeting of conservative groups. >> it doesn't matter whether you're a democrat or a republican, you should be equally outraged at even the prospect that the i.r.s. m not bectth the kind of complete neutrality that we expect. and i think we're going to be able to fix it. we're going to be able to get there and get it done. we've already begun that process and we're going to keep on going until it's finished. >> woodruff: not long afterward came word that daniel werfel-- a white house budget official-- is being named acting commissioner of the i.r.s. the president had announced th
to a very bad week for president obama. it's been scandal upon scandal upon scandal. and there's no sign things are calming down soon. white house press secretary jay carney joins me now. jay carney, thank you for joining me. would you say this has been your toughest week personally in your job? >> you know, piers, i would say that it's been a challenging week, but in many ways, a week that i've enjoyed because i think that when a press secretary goes to the briefing room and there's a lot of intensity in the room and a lot of news, that you know, it's inspiring reporters to ask hard questions. that's what it's all about. and i have no problem with that and i think that it's part of our democracy and part of what makes the process great. so you know, some people have said oh, you've really been on the firing line and you know, maybe it's just me, but i've kind of enjoyed it. >> you may have enjoyed it, but the "new york times" today said about the president that he's a bystander occupying the most powerful office in the world. dana milbank of the "washington post" said the president was
is that the obama administration in some way tried to change the talking points or water them down my question is, and i'm being honest about this, what administration, anna, doesn't try to control the message no matter what it is? >> i think every administration tries to control the message. but one thing it's controlling the message is one thing is scrubbing e-mail twelve times to the point where they are completely false and misleading. >> controlled message, these are outright lies. >> that's like saying that richard nixon was controlling the message when he erased the videos. he was also controlling the message. life it how this guy says the benghazi message was obvious. benghazi happened eight months ago and they just arrived at it. we've been talking about it ate months. it wasn't obvious at all. this is more spin control. if it is as easy as he is saying, why did carney lie over and over again to the press about it. >> there are brave souls, rare as they are, who are trying to do good work. a friend at cnn interviewed cbs's cheryl atkinson and she's been all over this benghazi issue, not
people are still alive. >> more fall out at the irs tonight. second official his now stepped down. joseph grant who oversaw the division that targeted tea party groups will retire in june. this news comes just hours after president obama named daniel to replace irs commissioner miller who resign. tea party activist descended on washington claiming vindication in the complaint about perceived government over-reach. many now plan to suit irs. >> city of san francisco is increasing security at sunday bay to breaker nraes response to the deadly boston marathon bombing. one of the biggest changes camera. this year surveillance camera at the start and finish lane. also be more officers including special op and bomb technician just in case. rules of the race this year no alcohol. no floats. no large backpack. no wheeled object and no pets. >> big changes. >> big changes indeed. >> we trade. but the warriors just couldn't get it done tonight in game 6. >> heart breaking loss. >> larry live at the oracle arena for us. >> warriors head coach jackson just spoke few minutes ago and
at the irs tonight. second official his now stepped down. joseph grant who oversaw the division that targeted tea party groups will retire in june. this news comes just hours after president obama named daniel to replace irs commissioner miller who resign. tea party activist descended on washington claiming vindication in the complaint about perceived government over-reach. many now plan to suit irs. >> city of san francisco is increasing security at sunday bay to breaker nraes response to the deadly boston marathon bombing. one of the biggest changes camera. this year surveillance camera at the start and finish lane. also be more officers including special op and bomb technician just in case. rules of the race this year no alcohol. no floats. no large backpack. no wheeled object and no pets. >> big changes. >> big changes indeed. >> we trade. but the warriors just couldn't get it done tonight in game 6. >> heart breaking loss. >> larry live at the oracle arena for us. >> warriors head coach jackson just spoke few minutes ago and he called this an incredible ride but
. >> more fall out at the irs tonight. second official his now stepped down. joseph grant who oversaw the division that targeted tea party groups will retire in june. this news comes just hours after president obama named daniel to replace irs commissioner miller who resign. tea party activist descended on washington claiming vindication in the complaint about perceived government over-reach. many now plan to suit irs. >> city of san francisco is increasing security at sunday bay to breaker nraes response to the deadly boston marathon bombing. one of the biggest changes camera. this year surveillance camera at the start and finish lane. also be more officers including special op and bomb technician just in case. rules of the race this year no alcohol. no floats. no large backpack. no wheeled object and no pets. >> big changes. >> big changes indeed. >> we trade. but the warriors just couldn't get it done tonight in game 6. >> heart breaking loss. >> larry live at the oracle arena for us. >> warriors head coach jackson just spoke few minutes ago and he called this an incredib
to go through it? >> thank you. thank you. >> next on the run down, looks like the irs will be in charge of forcing the obama care provisions. lou dobbs will tell us about that. what about the folks? do they really care about these candles? >> do you know what happened that night in benghazi? >> not a clue. i'm bad with current events. >> we're coming right back. [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever. as in never ever. now about that parking ticket. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply. polaris has what you want. legendary atvs.. led by the powerful sportsman 850 ho. value-minded side-by-sides... featuring the new ranger 800 midsize. and full-size workhorses including the all-new, class-leading, 60-horsepower, ranger xp 900. polaris. hardest wo
? >> well, i think what they probably know is that president obama's having a really, really bad week. >> that's easy to understand. >> as far as we know, digging down on the details, that's harder to tell. i think that it's easy to get people fired up about the irs 'cause everyone hates the irs, people maybe paying a little more attention to that, as you mentioned, but as far as, you know, digging down deep on benghazi and the ap subpoenas, that's really why republicans are trying to get out there and hammer this, hammer sort of the bigger point that they are making, which is that? an administration is has had a culture of coverups, that's the allegation they are making and i think they are really just trying to get the american public to focus on that so they can roll into 2014 with that as their argument. >> basically using that to help run out the clock, so to speak? >> right. >> is he tore rand paul, a lot of 2016 buzz, of course, among those at this week's tea party newser on the hill. is paul, is he the gopper who will beat this drop the loudest, if not until 2016, at least unt
down by people working for president obama. handy trick, if you can get your opponents disorganized and take them off the table you have a better chance to reelected. >> alisyn: get to headlines. fox news alert. there was one winning ticket. it was sold at a supermarket in florida for last night's powerball drawing worth $590 million. winning numbers were, 10, 13, 14 22, 52 with a powerball number of 11. you might have one some of the small ones. if the winner takes the lump sum they walk away with $377 million the ticket was sold in florida there is no state tax on these winnings. >> authorities are looking into lermd man that drove his car into a parade suffered a medical emergency before the crash. up to 60 people including the driver were hurt. >> we got a vehicle that went through the parade, hit many hikers. a wild vehicle! >> it was unreal. like nothing to be as scary as that. i is was scared and started running. >> alisyn: police say the man was participating in the annual celebration of the appalachian trail. charges have not been ruled out. >> and army wife had a few surpr
. you have to serve the president and holder is hurting from obama and will continue. what is the point* to stay on? many people stepping down >> with a new could save the treasury secretary lew and if he oversaw the department that oversaw the iras or other agencies that might or might not have cobbled together consistent talking points you could go through a firing squad. >> so to release the white house e-mail's the president will baddressing the irs and heads will roll and giving this speech tonit that leaves the ap scandal and the shop had over reach not only is infuriating republicans t "the new york times" it was a massive overreach and holder should step aside. it is not the end of the world gonzales and others. neil: you are right. i and the stand t this administration, and this esident why is this happening to this president? did he provivide the atmosphere or the dynamics? for those who were working under him to do dissatisfied that it retrospect look weird? >> thin just happened there three bad things happening at once but then gauzy could have been taking care about once an
in and out of positive territory. ashley: said flat line and it went down. tracy: maybe i jinxed it. ashley: president obama, meantime wrapping up joint news conference at the white house with the turkish prime minister, where he talked about everything from the irs scandal to national security. so much to talk about. peter barnes joining us live from the white house with the latest. peter? >> that's right, ashley. on the irs scandal he said, quote, we are going to be able to fix it. he was asked specifically about whether or not there should be a special counsel appointed to investigate the irs scandal and he, shot the idea down. he said that he felt that, that oversight from congress, investigations by inspectors general, and the criminal investigation at the justice department would be sufficient to get to the bottom of what happened at irs and to make sure that those problems are fixed and they don't happen again. of course the other thing that dominated this press conference was this, the ap national security case. on that the president was given the opportunity to distance himself fro
for your gold report. where is it on a day like this, 1430, down 4 bucks at thii moment. near liberal elitist fundraiser for president obama in new york city. and producer harvey weinstein, justin timberlake, tommy hilfiger and would have thought the obama fever would have ended after his reelection. and charles payne is here and he's fired up about this latest thing. he's next. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ t question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ >> president obama said that rush limbaugh is to blame for the gridlock in washington. he said that at the a fun razr at harvey weinstein's house. justin timberlake, jessica biel were among the attendees. he told the win in 2012 would break the fever. and $32,400 per couple
the issue until we get answers. owe -- obama can deal with some of it because he is not up for any re-election anytime soon. who ordered the stand down? we need a name and find out who told that person to stay stand down when there were seven hours between the beginning of the attack and the final attack that may have killed -- the ones that may have resulted in the death of two more american service people. seven hours in between and somebody said don't go there. how do we know there wasn't more and we could have had assets there. we need to find out who that is and get him or her in front of a congressional panel or senate panel. >> how early is it too early to talk about 2016? if you are going to run when is the time when you would make that decision? >> not for her, but you have to be very careful. they ran this ad attacking clinton which was a stupid thing to do. she is a professional when it comes to dealing with conflicts like this. going back to white water and she survived it. she willonly survive, but grow. this will have zero impact. she will have the nomination and beat an
will come down. >> in the uk and other countries it's free under socialized med since. >> when obama care comes into full swing next year it will be covered by more insurance. >> good for angelina jolie. >> so brave and so important. >> all right, later this hour we're actually going to be talking with a miss usa contestant about her decision to have a double mastectomy next month. her mother actually died from breast cancer. >> the white house is under fire, on the defensive today facing a lot of tough questions on several fronts. you've got allegations involving the irs, documents showing the agency targeted tea party organizations and other groups that are focused on government spending and federal debt. you've got conservative groups that were given extra scrutiny. and focused on the words tea party in applications for tax exempt status. >> then the department collecting two months of phone records from reporters and editors at the associated press. the news agency calling it a massive and unprecedented intrusion into its reporting. ap's president says federal agents collected records
of the day's major stories. now, back to judy. >> woodruff: we turn to the other story the obama administration was criticized for, the collection of journalists' phone records in the name of tracking down classified leaks. the associated press says it was notified friday that the justice department secretly subpoenaed records for more than 20 of its phone lines. the a.p.'s kathleen carroll says they listed outgoing calls from april and may of 2012. >> they haven't told us what they're looking for and nor have they explained why we got no prior notice which our lawyers tell us not only is customary but required. >> woodruff: a.p.'s president and c.e.o. gary pruitt sent a letter of protest to attorney general eric holder. in it he wrote: he said it amounts to "a serious interference with a.p.'s constitutional right to gather and report the news." pruitt demanded that d.o.j. return the records and destroy any copies, but this afternoon, attorney general holder said he had recused himself at the start of the probe. instead he said deputy attorney general james kohl authorized the su
. >> you go right on down the line and we don't see people being held accountable fired and some people need to be put in jail. >> reporter: president barack obama does not have the authority to fire any employees within the internal revenue service and meanwhile still on capitol hill they say the acting commissioner lied to them, we will have more when i see you next,... kyla campbell. >>> they are investigating a deadly stabbing and the man who was stabbed was rushed to the hospital but he later died. so far we have no other information on a suspect. >>> by the end of the night, somebody could win one of the largest jackpots in history. powerball is the third largest powerball jackpot and the third largest among lotteries. modifications means there will be a jackpot but the ticket that started selling is also selling in california. >>> your come knew the will be affected. we just got word from caltrans they have been cleared to single tracks due to the fatal crash and the transit system will be delayed still and you should give yourself plenty of extra time and if you can, you have an
that the obama administration are facing right now different in nature, but does this president risk becoming weighed down with these scandals and not able to get his agenda back on the table like immigration reform, fiscal issues, education? >> well, there's three scandals potentially in the works right now, as you know, suzanne. it's bad enough when there's one like the monica scandal that plagued the clinton administration, or iran contra that plagued the second term of the reagan administration, certainly watergate that plagued richard nixon's administration in the second term and led to his forced resignation as president of the united states. so those were all individual scandals that obviously escalated and escalated and escalated. you never know where they're going to wind up. there are three underway right now. so he's got to deal with it. and yesterday he came out forcefully and tried to deal with the irs scandal. he's got these two other issues, the benghazi issue that's not going away. to a lesser degree the monitoring the phone records of the associated press reporters and editor
. >>> president obama chose danny wuerffel to lead the irs temporarily. john has been following the story and joins us with more. >> the president continued today to try to tamp down this scandal and bring it to a conclusion as much as he can. yesterday he fired the acting irs commissioner who he replaced with danny wuerffel today. he said we don't need a special council to investigate this. all the congressional committees, we have plenty of investigations. >> the i.g. has done an audit, it's my understanding it's going to be recommending an investigation. and attorney general holder also announced a criminal investigation of what happened. between those investigations, i think we're going to be able to figure out exactly what happened, who was involved, what wentwng, and we're going to be able to implement steps to fix it. >> of course, it's going to start right up again tomorrow because the chairman of the ways and means committee is having a hearing on this, he told me he was not satisfied with the inspector general's report, he wants answers from steve miller, even though he was fire
got him a shout-out at the white house science fair. president obama was impressed by this young innovator's tenacity. >> jack "space from research labs to pursue his work nearly 200 times. 200 times he asked. 200 times he was turned down. finally, with the help of some folks at johns hopkins, he got research facilities that he needed. >> axelrod: did it sting when you would get rejections? >> it definitely did sting because i kind of knew that a lot of them were just kind of being a bit discriminatory because they were like this is a 15-year-old. he can't possibly be doing this. >> axelrod: dismissive. >> yes, very dismissive. >> in the category of medicine-- >> axelrod: when may explain the overwhelming emotion he felt when he won last year's intel international science and engineering fair. the sweet validation came with $100,000 in scholarships. but jack andraka has got his eye on even bigger things. >> the name of the competition is called the tricorder xprize. it's a $10 million prize. >> axelrod: did you say $10 million? >> yes, $10 million. essentially, what you have to d
. november 2012 president obama wins reelection. non-profit groups spent $1 billion on the 2012 campaign, more than 2/3 helped republican candidates. shule man who was appointed by bush steps down. i.r.s. veteran stephen miller succeeds him on an acting basis. in april 2013 the white house counsel is notified and learns of the situation as jay carney later told reporter. admits and apologizes for singling out conservative groups. our independence line. caller: how are you? host: fine. o ahead. caller: the american people would probably be interested in knowing the history of the i.r.s. it was ratified in 1915 or 1916. but we didn't have an income ax prior to that time. and the whole thran some people say we have an internal revenue service and the income tax is the federal reserve and i think -- i hear an ecoin there. >> none on this end but thanks for your call. guest: the tax code has evolved over the years. 501 c 4, you'll notice there are dozens of different organizations so the center for c-4 ic integrity is a 501- organization. the denations you make are tax deductible. ut if you l
for coming and it was a great segment and i hope people don't think we are going down the road. i knew there'd be jokes. turning to the latest developments there is a new irs chief obama tapping the office of management budget office to take the head of the agency but stephen miller is still scheduled to lew testify tomorrow the first on the scandal we have tim griffin from arkansas a member of that committee. first of all, tell me what you want to hear and what question will you be asking? >> i want to know did the irs target conservative groups in response to the letters it receives from senator schumer and senator levin or did it do this on its own? what is the origin of this idea and also why after numerous questions to the officials at the irs and the forms of letters and hearings, why the irs did not update members of congress when they learned this was going on. gerri: lots of questions clearly. but i have asked a couple of senators wrote letters asking them to go after these groups was that the impetus for this chasing down of the tea party? >>. >> look at what the irs was doing but
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